Our core value to customer “Hoang Lien Son quality, environmental, health and safety”

We strive to achieve our health, safety, quality and environmental commitments by satisfying all legal and other compliance obligations as a minimum; by continually improving the management system; and through following these key principles:
Health and Safety
  • Recognizing that our employees are our greatest asset and their health and safety is a top priority for HLS
  • Ensuring the health and safety risks arising from  our activities are well controlled and injuries and ill health are prevented with target  is Zero Incidence
  • Sustaining a safe and healthy working environment by providing and maintaining appropriate our projects and services; providing safe systems of work;
  • Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements as a minimum.
  • Engaging and consulting with employees on day-to- day health and safety conditions and providing advice and supervision on occupational health.
      •     We aim to develop total customer satisfaction by way of consistently high quality, on-time and expertise.
      •     Motivating our employees to take ownership of their work and communicating the importance of customer satisfaction
      •     Understanding our customers’ goals, embracing them and delivering to their expectations.
      •     We will continually work to improve our organization, service and procedures and in turn this will establish a confidence level and relationship with our customers which will help to build a strong future.

•     Recognizing that the minimum acceptable level of environmental performance is that stipulated in environmental legislation
•     Protecting the environment by seeking to avoid and reduce the pollution of air, water and land that may result as a consequence of our activities
•     Ensuring that activities and building developments are sensitive to visual amenity and the local community, and the impact on ecology and wildlife habitats is benign, if not beneficial
Each employee has a responsibility for their own safety-quality-environment and that of fellow employees, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and visitors, along with the obligation to meet health & safety, quality and environmental requirements of our customers, interested parties and legal.
Delivery of this policy is a business priority. Consistent with our whistleblowing policy, we encourage employees who have any concerns regarding compliance with this policy to report this directly, and if necessary anonymously, to the Management Board for this policy, who will investigate the matter confidentially.

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